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The Top 3 Requested Vaccinations for Dog Boarding and Daycare: Ensuring a Safe and Happy Stay

Aug 16, 2023 | Dog Care | 0 comments

When it comes to entrusting your beloved canine companion to a boarding facility or daycare, ensuring their safety, health, and well-being is of paramount importance. Just like humans, dogs need protection against various contagious diseases that can spread easily in communal environments. This is why vaccinations play a crucial role in maintaining a healthy and secure environment for all the furry guests. In this blog post, we’ll explore the three most requested vaccinations required for dog boarding and daycare, and delve into why they are so vital.

1. Rabies Vaccination

Rabies is a highly contagious and fatal disease that affects both animals and humans. It is caused by the rabies virus, which is typically transmitted through the bite of an infected animal. Rabies vaccinations are not only essential for your dog’s well-being but also a legal requirement in many areas. Since rabies can be transmitted from dogs to humans, ensuring your dog is vaccinated helps protect both your pet and your family members.

Why Rabies Vaccination Matters:

  • Legal Requirements: Many regions and boarding facilities mandate rabies vaccinations for dogs due to its potential threat to public health.
  • Preventing Spread: By vaccinating your dog, you’re contributing to the prevention of rabies transmission, thereby helping to control its spread within the community.
  • Peace of Mind: Rabies vaccination provides peace of mind when your dog interacts with other animals and people in communal spaces.

2. Distemper Vaccination

Canine distemper is a highly contagious viral disease that affects a dog’s respiratory, gastrointestinal, and nervous systems. It can lead to severe illness and even death, especially in puppies and dogs with compromised immune systems. Distemper is easily spread through airborne exposure to infected respiratory secretions.

Why Distemper Vaccination Matters:

  • Comprehensive Protection: The distemper vaccine is often combined with other essential vaccines, providing protection against a range of diseases, including parvovirus and adenovirus.
  • Highly Contagious: Distemper is known for its rapid spread, especially in environments where dogs come into close contact with each other.
  • Preventing Outbreaks: Vaccinating your dog helps prevent the outbreak of this highly contagious disease in boarding and daycare settings.

3. Bordetella Vaccination (Kennel Cough)

Bordetella bronchiseptica is a bacterium that causes kennel cough, a contagious respiratory disease. Dogs in close quarters, such as those in boarding and daycare facilities, are at a higher risk of contracting kennel cough due to increased exposure to other dogs. While kennel cough is typically not fatal, it can lead to discomfort, a persistent cough, and temporary separation from other dogs.

Why Bordetella Vaccination Matters:

  • Preventing Discomfort: Even though kennel cough might not be life-threatening, it can lead to discomfort and stress for your dog. Vaccination helps reduce the severity of symptoms.
  • Reducing Spread: The bacterium responsible for kennel cough spreads easily in confined spaces with many dogs. Vaccinating your dog reduces the risk of them contracting and spreading the disease.
  • Responsible Pet Ownership: Ensuring your dog is vaccinated against kennel cough demonstrates your commitment to the health and well-being of your pet and other dogs they interact with.


When considering dog boarding or daycare, the health and safety of your furry friend should always be the top priority. Ensuring that your dog is up-to-date on their vaccinations not only protects them from potentially life-threatening diseases but also contributes to maintaining a safe and harmonious environment for all dogs involved. Remember, a healthy dog is a happy dog, and a well-protected dog brings peace of mind to both owners and caregivers alike.


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